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Pillangó Fogászati Központ

1149 Bp.,Pillangó u.12.

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Nyitva tartás:
H-K-Csüt: 14.00 - 20.00
Sze-Pé: 9.00 - 14.00
Szájsebészet: Sze 16.00 - 20.00-ig
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+36 30 639 7553
+36   1 220 7434
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idezojelKedves Pillangó Fogászat!

Őszintén ajánlom mindenkinek a fogászatot, ezen belül Dr. Károlyházy Judit doktornőt, akinek hála már nem félek a fogászati beavatkozásoktól, mert teljesen szinte fájdalom mentes volt minden egyes kezelés.

További tapasztalatom az, hogy a központ minden dolgozója nagyon kedves és barátságos,ami számomra nagyon fontos.

Köszönöm szépen.

A. K. -Dunakeszi


Thank you for your e mail. Yes, I am feeling fine after my treatment as was the case after my previous treatment three weeks ago.
The treatment I have received has been first class. Everything has been explained to me clearly before during and after. Also any alternatives that I have suggested have been discussed in an amicable way and the consequences clearly laid out.
It has been done in a calm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with as much dental work done in one visit as was reasonably possible.
I didn't think I would ever say this but I actually look forward to having my teeth attended too! I have told all my family and friends about my "Hungarian" experience and have advise that if they need dental treatment I strongly recommend that follow my lead and attend you clinic.

Best wishes, D. B. (London, England)

idezojelKedves Pillangó Fogászat!

Köszönöm a fájdalom mentes kezelést, tiszta szívvel tudom Önöket ajánlani barátaimnak kollégáimnak.

T. K. Budapest

idezojelDear Pillango Dentistry!

I am so pleased with the level of care and the quality of the dental work that I received from your team. Your very modern and exceptionally well equipped facilities are something you can be very proud of. Also, your flexibility in appointments allowed me to integrate my business commitments in Budapest with my dental treatment. I fully expect to return for future check-ups.

Thanks and best regards, S. M.

idezojelKedves Pillangó Dental!

Köszönöm szépen a barátságos fogadtatást és a szakértelmet, ahogyan a kezelésemet elvégezték. Rendkívül elégedett vagyok az eredménnyel, teljesen elfelejtettem a félelmemet, amelyet a fogászat irányában éreztem.

V. F. Budapest


Just a thank you note for the superb results achieved with my teeth. Andrea did a fantastic job to take away my fear of dentists, that is most impressive.
All in all, a great experience and excellent value.

Best regards, A. de B. Belgium

idezojelDear Ferenc (Pillango Dental)

Thank you very much for treating me and my wife as a guest. We are very satisfied with the result. We spent wonderful time in Budapest not speaking about the savings we realized with using your Clinic. We would recommend your services to anybody interesting in dental treatment

P. S. Johannesburg

idezojelDear Pillango Dental

Thank you very much for treating me at your clinic and I like to express my appriciation towardas the treatment I have received.

1. Your Dentist (Dr. Dobos) is an energetic, highly efficient and result oriented dentist. Listening and talking to her made me feel comfortable in the dentist chair, which I admit, I never felt before in similar situation. She is a real professional because her training and orientation.

2. She had explained absolutely clearly and patiently the aesthetical, material composition and financial options. My choice therefore was easy and I am happy with the outcome as I have a broad smile again. Throughout Dr. Dobos paid much attention to the pain management and she made sure, that even the buzz of the drill was silenced by soothing background music. Her efficiency, elegance, and economy of movements during the treatment were really remarkable. Her assistant ladies were absolutely polite and equal to the task.

Thank you once again I would be glad to recommend your services in similar situation as mine.

F. V. London

idezojelDear staff at Pillangó Dental

I would like thank you the treatment I received from Dr. Andrea Dobos whilst visiting Hungary. I felt the treatment I received was most satisfactory and very professional.

Dr. Dobos came highly recommended from a friend of mine in South Africa who was very pleased with the treatment and overall experience. I was unhappy with the dental care I was receiving locally and chose to visit her consulting rooms. I have not had any problems since, and am very grateful for her help.

The treatment I received was very professional. The procedure was explained to me clearly before, during and after, as well as considering alternative options; she also made sure that I understood the potential consequences.

The procedure was done in a calm, friendly and relaxed environment, with as much dental work done in one visit as was reasonably possible. The treatment took place about five years ago and I am still very satisfied. I have returned twice for annual checkups and it appears that everything is fine.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Dobos? and Pillango Dental's service to anyone who needs professional dental care.

P. S. Republic of South Africa

idezojelSehr geehrtes Pillangó Dental,

Ich möchte mich für Ihre ausgezeichnete Arbeit bedanken. Ab heute kann ich wieder stolz lächeln, und damit hat mein langjähriges Leiden ein Ende. Über mein "Hollywood Smile" mit Zirkonkronen kann niemend sagen, es wären nicht natürliche Zähne. Sollten Zahnprobleme bei meinen Freunden auftreten, empfehle ich Sie vertrauensvoll weiter.

S.P. Salzburg

idezojelLiebe Frau Dr. Dobos,

Vielen Dank für Ihre Freundlichkeit, Fachkenntnis und Geduld, mit welcher Sie mich behandelt haben. Vor, während und nach der Behandlung wurde mir von Ihnen alles perfekt erklärt. Ich war mir meiner Möglichkeiten bewußt, und konnte die für mich am geeignetste Lösung aussuchen. Ich werde Sie meinen Freunden und Bekannten mit Freuden weiterempfehlen. Frau Dr. Dobos hat eine ausgezeichnete Arbeit geleistet, und dafür bin ich ihr sehr dankbar!
G.R. Zürich

idezojelLiebes Pillangó Team,

Ausgezeichnete Arbeit, freundliche und hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter, schnelle und präzise Durchführung! Ich bin zufrieden von Ihnen abgereist, und habe mich in Budapest während der Behandlung sehr wohlgefühlt, nicht zu sprechen von den Kostenersparnissen dank Ihrer Arbeit.

K.H.R. Nürnberg