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One of the advantages of using porcelain veneers to create changes for teeth, as opposed to other types of porcelain dental restorations, is that very little tooth reduction is needed. In general the dentist only needs to trim the tooth the same amount as the thickness of the veneer being placed.

In most cases this means that the tooth reduction will be as little as .4 to .8 of a millimeter. That's on the same order of thickness as the plastic credit card. In comparison dental crowns require up to 2 millimeters of trimming, and this amount of reduction is needed on all aspects of the tooth, not just the front side of it. Veneer is a very thin (about 0.5 mm) reparation commonly made only for the side of teeth that is nearer to the lips. It is really often treated because of cosmetic reasons, for example in that case when the teeth co lour is too dark, or when the teeth shape is not nice, or when the space between two nearby teeth is too broad and so on.

It is necessary, that teeth have to be prepared first, which means that a film of approximately 0.5 mm of the outside tissues is got away from the teeth. Veneers can be fitted for immediately by a dentist or by a laboratory technician with the help of a proof. It is fixed to the tooth with a special, mightily hard adhesive. It is a nice and aesthetic result. It can be made of porcelain.


  • Permanently stained teeth (tetracycline staining)
  • Mildly chipped or worn teeth which fillings are not feasible
  • Spaced teeth or slight mal-alignment when braces are not a choice
  • You wanted to change the color of the teeth to a permanent shade without bleaching


  • Habit of clenching or grinding your teeth (bruxism)
  • Having Epilepsy
  • The tooth is heavily filled or weakened whereby a dental crown is more suitable
  • Severe gum problem