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Pillangó (Butterfly) Dental Clinic

Address: No.12. Pillangó Street, Budapest, Hungary
Our Surgery is on the second floor.
Open: Mo-Fr 9:00 - 20:00
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Dental Surgery

There are many types of previously planned or cases of emergency where normal dental services are not enough. In these cases dental surgery is needed. Patients used to travel different places to get surgery which is uncomfortable and painful.

In Pillango Dental Clinic you don't need to travel elsewhere or book and stand in line, mouth surgery is at your diposal in place.

We offer the following  services on dental surgery treatments:

  • cure of dentoalveolaris diseases

  • resection of root apex
  • surgery in case of complicated tooth removal
  • removal and of cystas, tumors, histology examination if needed
  • closing oral vestibulum after tooth removal
  • removal of fibromas and oral mucoceles
  • lingual frenectomy
  • sialodenectomy
  • tooth dislocation treatment with rails
  • inflammation treatment by conservative ways or by surgery
  • desiccate
  • bone correction surgery

Surgical preparations for implants and implantation:

  • vestibulum deepening, removal of granuloma fissuratum
  • alveolus correction and different types of bone replacements
  • broadening and/or heightening of bones, sinus-lift
  • removal of previously built-in implants that cause inflammation

Aesthetic dental surgery

  • gum recession fixation
  • periodontal regenerative surgery / periodontal bone grafting

Orthodontic surgery