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Pillangó (Butterfly) Dental Clinic

Address: No.12. Pillangó Street, Budapest, Hungary
Our Surgery is on the second floor.
Open: Mo-Fr 9:00 - 20:00
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Aesthetic dentistry
Aesthetic dentistry means that we use materials highly similar to the shape, color and composition of teeth. Amalgam is outdated and as such is not recommended to use anymore. Old fillings with decays are routinely replaced with tooth-colored fillings. We use fillings they fit best international quality standards. It is a relatively low cost, aesthetically pleasing alternative, but not as permanent as gold or ceramics. These tooth-colored fillings are not as long-lasting as traditional amalgam fillings, either, so they have to be replaced more frequently. Filling is hardened in the cleansed and prepared tooth with the use of special light. The surface is shaped and finally polished.